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PROCESS IMPROVEMENT PLAN MBA-FPX5016 ASSESSMENT 1 ATTEMPT 1Process Improvement Plan 2 INTRODUCTION Toyota Motor Corporation is a Japanese automotive manufacturer that was founded in 1933. It is c... onsidered one of the largest global automotive manufacturers compared to Ford and Chrysler. Like many products produced for consumers, automotive manufacturers are not unfamiliar with the recalls on the automobiles that come along with the production of those vehicles. In 2010, Toyota faced its largest recall to date due to an accelerator issue[Eva10]. Toyota experienced such a fast occurring growth to meet the high market demand for lower costing vehicles that they compromised on the quality of the parts and the labor they used to make those vehicles[Placeholder1]. In lieu of this massive recall, an extremely important process that should focused on and properly addressed is quality control and the requirements that go into the overall quality control process. PROCESS IDENTIFICATION With the automotive industry, supply and demand is in constant fluctuation. Which is why it being so important to have proper quality control processes in place. The following are 3 main processes that Toyota needs to mainly focus on improving their quality control standards, based upon the findings from the massive recall of 2010[Placeholder1]: Quality Control  Description: Quality control maintains the standards of products. This is done through rigorous testing based on detailed requirements [Dicnd].  Importance: Quality Control is important in the automotive industry because it makes sure that all vehicles meet the quality standards set by the NHTSA and other government standards.Process Improvement Plan 3  Scope: Toyota Motor Company issued this global recall due to an unplanned acceleration in millions of automobiles. This occurred mainly because Toyota did not follow the proper quality control processes to make sure that they were meeting the standards required of them. This was done through a breakdown of communication between the quality team and the production team when a problem was revealed with the acceleration structure[Placeholder1].  Parties involved: The Quality Assurance team is responsible for making sure the standards are being tracked and sustained throughout the product life cycle.  Priority: Quality Control is considered an urgent priority due to the recall issued that puts consumers lives at risk, as well as ruin Toyota Motor Company’s reputation within the automotive industry.  Benefits: By maintain the Quality Control standards, Toyota Motor company will deliver a higher quality, safer, automobile that will allow the consumers to gain trust with the company.  Cost: If Quality Control is not improved upon then Toyota Motor Company will see a severe decline in both reputation in sales. Causing a severe decline in revenue. Parts and Materials [Show More]

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