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Consumer Behavior, 2nd Edition, Frank Kardes, Maria Cronley, Thomas Cline. (Complete Chapters 1- 19). TEST BANK

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Table of Contents PART I: CONSUMER BEHAVIOR AND MARKETING STRATEGY. 1. Understanding Consumer Behavior and Consumer Research. 2. Consumer Focused Strategy: Segmentation and Positioning. 3. Brandin... g Strategy and Consumer Behavior. PART II: CONSUMER INFORMATION PROCESSING. 4. Consumer Perception. 5. Learning and Memory. 6. Automatic Information Processing. 7. Motivation and Emotion. 8. Attitude and Judgment Formation and Change. PART III: CONSUMER DECISION MAKING. 9. The Consumer Decision Making Process. 10. Product Consideration, Evaluation, and Choice. 11. Behavioral Decision Theory. PART IV: CONSUMER SOCIAL INFLUENCES AND CONTEMPORARY STRATEGIES FOR MARKETERS. 12. Self-Concept and Personality. 13. Social Influence and Behavioral Compliance. 14. The Influence of Culture and Values. 15. The Influence of Demography. 16. Contemporary Strategies in Reaching Consumers. 17. Engaging Consumers Through Online Marketing. PART V: MANAGERIAL DECISION MAKING (ONLINE CHAPTERS). 18. Biases in Managerial Decision Making. 19. Strategies for Improving Managerial Decision Making [Show More]

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Great. Happy Studying.


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