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 Medical StudiesEXAM > What is another term for the body orientation known as inferior? Correct Answer-caudal What is a more commonly used term for cranial orientation? Correct Answer-superior Which is true about energy content of the macronutrients? Correct Answer-Water = 0 kcal/g Protein = 4 kcal/g Alcohol = 7 kcal/g Fat = 9 kcal/g Carb = 4 kcal/g Case: 50 year old; Rest. HR= 78bpm; Rest. BP= 162/94 mm Hg; Weight= 198 lbs.; Body fat= 30%; Height=70 cm; Blood cholesterol=240 mg/dl; HDL cholest.=34 mg/dl; Glucose= 98 mg/dl; Triglycerides= 180 mg/dl. According to ACSM risk stratification guidelines, Mr. Garcia has which coronary artery disease risk factor? Correct Answer-Hypertension, high total cholesterol What is the minimum duration of a moderate intensity intermittent bout of aerobic activity to promote & maintain health? Correct Answer-10 minutes What risk stratification ca

 GastroenterologyEXAM > What is a more accurate measure of age than chronological age? Correct Answer-The ability to perform activities of daily living (ADL's). The majority of this aged 65 and older regard their health as good or excellent Chronological age may or may not correspond to: Correct Answer-Physical, mental, social, and cultural actions and feelings Changes in the heart and lungs result in less efficient utilization of what? Correct Answer-Of oxygen, which reduces the individual's capacity to maintain physical activity for long periods of time. Physical training for older people can significantly reduce blood pressure, and increase aerobic activity. Teaching and designing rehabilitation programs for older adults s

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